Can we buy direct from Unique Appliances?

Unique Appliances is a wholesale only company. Our products can be found in over 1000 retail stores throughout North America. Please give us a toll free call at 1-877-427-2266 or drop us an e-mail at and we will be pleased to direct you to an authorized dealer.

No. All provinces in Canada require a safety device (i.e. CO- monitor with safety shut-off or direct vent capability). It is illegal to install a non-safety equipped unit and gas fitters/propane delivery companies will not work on these due to legal liability. An illegal unit may also void cottage/home insurance coverage.

Based on an average application, once per “season”.

Very little. Depending on ambient temperature and usage, consumption averages between 1.1 and 1.8 lbs per day, depending on the model.

Propane (absorption) refrigerators & freezers are much higher in cost than their electric (compressor) counterparts. This is due to the “uniqueness” of the product, small production runs and extremely high certification costs. Retail costs will vary from approximately $700 to over $4,000, depending on the size, model and additional safety components.

Like anything… this is based on usage and environment. All models require annual service. Most maintenance is basic but when it comes to the gas pressure etc. it must be performed by a licensed gas fitter. Similar to a gas barbeque, insects are attracted to the smell of mercaptan (additive to Propane/LPG) and tend to collect around the burner. THIS IS THE # 1 SERVICE CALL. Please refer to your Owner’s Manual for more specific service instructions.

Unlike electric (compressor) fridges, these can be transported on their sides (even upside down) to their new home. Take special care in the handling between vehicles (boat, truck, heli, off-road) to ensure the exterior body doesn’t get dented or scratched. Allow appliance to sit upright for 30 minutes and then connect to an approved gas line.

For gas ranges, it is critical that the box be “rightside” up. There are cast-iron grates on top.

All Unique 6/8/10/13/15/18/22 fridges and Unique 2/6F freezers along with our off-grid gas propane ranges receive one year coverage on parts – the end-user is responsible for labour. Unique’s propane fridge absorption coil warranty for these products is for five years. The Unique 2 and 3 come with a one year parts warranty, as do the Unique gas ranges. Unique provides excellent parts department support and product knowledge. If the unit fails, it is the end user’s responsibility to return the item in question to the original retail store (due to the remote nature of where these products are often placed). If a retailer offers out of store warranty calls, you must deal with them directly.

Actually it is our Sales/ Service support that makes us the leader. We believe (all of us at UGP) that superior service leads directly to satisfied customers and loyal dealers. We live by our motto….PERSONAL SERVICE & KNOWLEDGE MAKES US UNIQUE….EVERYDAY!

1. Proper gas pressure (11″ W.C.) 2. Adequate air flow around appliance (sides, top, back) – each product has different specific requirements 3. Appliance leveled 4. Must be installed by a licensed gas fitter 5. All safety issues/code issues are addressed. For Solar applications/appliances it is critical to have your DC system meet the technical requirements of your Unique DC appliance.

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Do you stock a full parts inventory?

For over 50 years we’ve kept a very high level of parts inventory – some parts are still being sold from our first Consul fridge sales in the 1970’s. We lead the industry with parts on the shelf – most parts are shipped within 24 hours of request. A key thing to remember is that not only do we have the parts, but we provide the background knowledge on what and where they’re used – we live by our motto “Personal Service and Knowledge makes us Unique”

No. Our priority is to service our extensive dealer network. Loyalty is Priority #1… You, Our Customer.

All products offer a one year warranty on all parts (no labour included). The UNIQUE 6/8/10 come with a 3 year coil replacement warranty, UNIQUE 13/15/18 fridges and Frostek freezers come with a 5 year coil replacement warranty. It is the end user’s (consumer’s) responsibility to return the item in question to you, and pay for labor. We then will provide you (the dealer) a replacement part at N/C.

For decades we have been selling direct to retailers and expanding our distribution network. The choice is yours. We believe that our value chain meets the needs of all customers – it is your choice which one works best for your specific situation. Unique carries a full inventory all year. Our distributors also stock all our lines and can provide you J.I.T. inventory at a freight cost which may prove cheaper, depending on your location and purchase volume. We want to get the product to you the cheapest, most efficient way possible – ask us which one makes best sense for you.

The best in the industry. Not only do we provide excellent dealer support programs but try our personal business approach… you may wonder what you’ve been receiving in the past.

What suits you best? We can remove all the hassle and simply prepay & charge all shipments (this can include all customs documents etc). We are also responsible for any shipping damage with this service and will provide your RGA (returned goods authorization) forms to make any transaction seamless. Isn’t that what you would expect?

Simple…Contact Donna Thompson in Sales/Customer Support and start to see why so many people have trusted Unique Gas Products for their propane refrigeration needs.

Donna Thompson
1-877-427-2266 (Tel)
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