24″ Stainless Convection Gas Range

Compact kitchen spaces deserve all the style, convenience, and impact found in bigger spaces. That’s why the Prestige collection 24” stove packs all the power of larger appliances without compromising on great design.

Whether you’re looking to find the right piece for your condo, cabin, or other home away from home, you’re sure to appreciate all the convenience this stove offers—from convection cooking for perfectly even heat, to a waist-high broiler for intense searing, as well as cast-iron grates, sealed burners, automatic electric spark ignition, and a compartment for extra storage. Cooking and cleaning are completely effortless.

Pair with Unique Appliances’ matching Prestige Compact Refrigerator.


Natural Gas – Propane (LPG) conversion kit included

Key Features

  • Elegant, modern design
  • Convection oven with waist-high broiler
  • Continuous cast-iron grate design for easy movement of cookware (no tipping)
  • 1 large 11,000 BTU cast burner for quick boiling
  • High-quality, sealed burners for easy cleanup
  • Automatic electric-spark ignition
  • Variable BTUs for flexible cooking
  • Practical storage drawer for pots and pans
  • 2 adjustable, heavy-duty oven racks with 3 shelf positions
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