Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

"Unique got the stove rush-shipped to me in mere days, and on our first grocery run to town with the Jet Ranger, I got the pilot to long-line the stove back to camp."

Joe Hunwicks

My wife and I now have a set of appliances and are very happy customers. During this past long weekend, the two units were the centre of attention with cottage neighbours showing signs of envy.

We also thought that you’d be interested in learning that your two products will be viewed again tomorrow, but in another more heightened manner at our off-grid cottage, which is on Pine Ridge just north of Bancroft. On Thursday, a production crew from Cottage Life Channnel will be here to shoot a new series, which features off-grid cooking. Therefore it is quite likely that some of the scenes will be done in our kitchen where my wife and I, along with a celebrity chef, will be cooking up a storm in competition with a pair of neighbours in a cook-off.

Craig Timm

I’d like to take a moment to compliment you on your excellent customer service. I have a refrigerator purchased this past spring that had a defective thermocoupler. I called expecting the typical CS runaround, and to my surprise, Tim handled my request with a great level of professionalism and promptness. I received not 1 but 2 thermocouplers to replace (as promised). Thanks Unique and Tim… you have set the bar in greater customer service… We are building another cabin in the near future and WILL be installing another Unique off-grid refrigerator.

Ken Furlotte

I recently was dealing with Tim in the service department (sorry I did not get his last name) and there was a warranty issue with a Fridge that I purchased from The Notre Dame Boys in Sudbury, Ontario.  I would like to thank Tim for the fantastic service.  I am a Superintendent of Parks here in Sudbury and deal with the public and City Council every day which can be very frustrating at times such as a service person’s job. My experience with Tim was simply professional and positive the kind phone manor and pleasantness of Tim must not go untold.  Please acknowledge him, employees of this nature must be recognized in there work place.

Thank you so much for the great service.

Doug Corbett

After the support I was provided by your company I must take a moment to thank you for efforts. I live on a remote Island only serviced by water taxi and barge. (Savary Island) Last Tuesday I called Tim Dean about a problem; my freezer had quite. After some trouble shooting it was determined that the cooling coils prematurely failed. By Friday of the same week I picked up a new Unique Freezer from the barge. By Friday evening everything was back to normal. Really, 4 days to determine a problem and get a new unit to a remote island under your warranty program, is exceptional. Things sometimes fail. What a company does to back its products is the true measure of quality.

Your company is truly the best I have ever seen.

Thank you so much.

Susan Lediett

Thank you Tim at Unique for promptly addressing and rectifying the situation with my off grid stove!!! I am excited to be in my kitchen again and will definitely be recommending the off grid propane stove line like I have with my Unique propane fridge

Heather Palecek

I recently purchased and had installed one of your propane fridges and stove ranges in my tiny off-grid cabin (vacation home). I am blown away by the quality of your products. I immediately realized that this product was high quality, and I honestly think it’s even better than what I use regularly in my actual home! I LOVE your products, their energy efficiency, their ease of use, and the look of them. Thank you for creating such amazing appliances. I will recommend your company to anyone I know looking for off-grid appliances!