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Unique is a manufacturer with an extensive network of dealers across North America.

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Off-Grid Ranges
unique 36e of1
unique 30e of1
unique 30 ss
unique 30 b
unique 30 ww
unique 30 w
unique 24 ss
unique 24 b
unique 24 w
unique 20 b
unique 20 w
unique 30g of1 b
unique 30g of1 w
unique 24g of1 b
unique 24g of1 w
unique 20g of1 b
unique 20g of1 w
Off-Grid Cooktops
unique 30e ct2
unique 36 ct1
unique 30 ct1
unique 24 ct1
On-Grid Cooking
unique 36e6 on1
unique 30e ct2
unique 36 ct1
 Unique 24V PC1
 Unique 20V PC1
unique 30 ct1
unique 24 ct1
unique 24H CC1 B
unique 24H CC1 W
unique 20H CC1 B
unique 20H CC1 W
unique 30 e on1
unique 36 e on1
Propane Refrigerators
unique 22 b
unique 22 w
unique 22 ss
unique 18 ss
unique 18 b
unique 18 w
unique 18 f
unique 15 w
unique 13 w
unique 10c ss
unique 10c b
unique 10c w
unique 8c ss
unique 8c b
unique 8c w
unique 6c b
unique 6c w
unique 3 b
unique 3 w
Propane Freezers
unique 6f
unique 2
Solar Appliances
unique 470l
unique 370l b
unique 370l w
unique 290l
unique 290 b
unique 290 w
unique 290 ss
unique 275l w
unique 265l
unique 260l
unique 170l
unique 175l uf r
unique 120l w
unique 120l
unique 108l
unique 80l
unique 65l
unique 60l
unique 50l
Portable Appliances
Unique 120L1 W
Unique 80L1 W
Unique 65L1 W
Unique 45L1 W
Unique 120L1
Unique 80L1
Unique 60L1
Unique 120WSPB
unique 3 b
unique 3 w
unique 2
Retro Appliances
Unique 275L AC
Unique 215L AC
Unique 175L AC

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Personal service & knowledge makes us Unique.

2245 Wyecroft Road
Oakville, ON, Canada
L6L 5L7


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