Dec 15, 2021

Big, Bold and Back in Style: 1950’s Kitchen

By Matthew Van Dort
Big, Bold and Back in Style: 1950’s Kitchen

When easy-to-use, water-based house paints first made a splash in the 1950s, homeowners suddenly had a say in what they wanted their living spaces to look like. Gone were the days of simple patterns and neutral colors. Instead, the post-war boom of the 50s ushered in big, bold changes in every room in the house—especially the kitchen.

No longer merely practical, appliances were now eye-catching works of art, designed with sleek lines and chrome touches and available in an array of eye-popping colors. That’s the vintage look we are going for in our line of Classic Retro appliances, which capture the bold look and bright energy of the decade all while using modern day technology.

Take a look at what inspired our choice of cheerful 50s appliance colors. Maybe you’ll find ideas for your own mid-century modern kitchen space here, too!

Marshmallow White

Think sundaes at the soda fountain, bobby socks, and lacy crinoline that gave poodle skirts their volume and flair.

Ocean Mist Turquoise

The 50s brought ocean living indoors, with touches of surfer culture, beach life, and tiki themes.

Summer Mint Green

Peppermint candy in bowls, jade jewellery, and pastel-green tiles were just some of the fresh new ways mint green made its way into 50s design.

Robin Egg Blue

From fast cars to vinyl dining sets, fashion pumps, and more, this light, bright blue hue is unmistakably 1950s chic.

Candy Red

Bright, candy-red lipstick was a staple of 50s fashion, but you could also find this eye-popping color everywhere from diner seating and jukeboxes to guitars, Schwinn bikes, and transistor radios.

Midnight Black

Not just a design accent anymore, this deep black became a 1950s must, with items like rotary phones, chandeliers, sectional sofas, and vintage eveningwear showcasing the flexibility of this dominating color.

Powder Blue

A light dusting of this vintage shade of blue made its appearance in dishware, wall paint, bridal themes, and every kind of fashion accessory.