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I've never had an experience as good with any other company, so I have to share with you!

Mr. Thorogood and Mr. Van Dort. I recently spoke to Brandon about a Unique propane/electric refrigerator I purchased. I was unaware of that it was non-functional using the propane mode. Through email and pictures Brandon informed me of missing parts important to the function of this fridge. Brandon talked me through this and through his experience figured out the parts kit I would need for the repair. After a phone call to your parts department, Matthew contacted me and with his helpfulness I was able to get my parts ordered and received this past Monday. Being a rookie, I tackled this job going along with pictures that Brandon had emailed and was able to install the burner kit and thermocouple. Happily, these parts worked for me and with their help this fridge will be a welcome addition to an off-grid cabin my family and I are building. Again, thank you and your company for employing such great people and making me feel at ease getting me through a difficult time. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone in need of an off-grid refrigerator.

— Jason Jennings

I recently purchased a 24″ range for my 660 sf full-time cabin home, and it looks and functions perfectly for all of my cooking needs and within the small space. I had the opportunity to experience the Unique customer service provided by the team when I realized my range was shipped with a small imperfection—the burner caps did not sit completely level on the burner assemblies. When I reached out to the team at Unique, I was directed to Tim Dean, who was exceptionally helpful and accommodating. We set up a video chat on WhatsApp and I showed him the minor issue. Tim first offered to send out new parts and to reimburse me for any labor necessary to fix the issue. However, after I explained to him my rural setting and how it is difficult to find qualified and trustworthy service professionals who will come out to my remote area, he generously shipped me a brand new unit! This saved me a ton of time and trouble, and I could not be more appreciative of the service I received. Thank you Unique!

— Tanya Savas, Owner + Head Goat Wrangler @ “The Little Goat House

I have been living off grid for a few years now, and one thing I really went without was a fridge... conventional refrigerators used too much power for my solar setup... Then I found out about Unique Appliances Solar refrigerators! These appliances are simply amazing! I bought a Solar Fridge and Propane Stove and it's changed my life! When it came time for warranty, Unique Appliances really went about and beyond! When a new part was not able to fix the issue, they replacd the appliance all together, no questions asked! Amazing and very little downtime. Unique Appliances really showed me how a customer should be treated! I can't wait to purchase a solar freezer!

— Jason Fortezza